Swiss Design Awards 2019


RÆMADE Workshop for #BenzKnowsHow

In celebration of our ten years in business, as well as the enduring collaborative partners that have helped make this happen, we acknowledge the remarkable relationship we maintain with two extremely talented graphic designers and art directors, Simon Palmieri and Régis Tosetti who have worked to manage the visual identity of RÆBURN since the early beginnings of the brand.

Simon and Régis were deservedly nominated for the Swiss Design Awards 2019 as recognition for their exceptional work and, to commemorate this, we aligned to develop some very special items. Printed onto our iconic parachute material is a collection of the graphic design and art direction work produced by Simon and Régis throughout our ten year partnership, constructed into an incredible RÆMADE look and giant orangutan mascot, all crafted here at the RÆBURN Lab.

The pieces are available for viewing at the Swiss Design Awards running from 11th-16th June, Hall 3, Art Basel.

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