RÆFOUND by Christopher RÆBURN

by Christopher RÆBURN

“What Could be More Radical Than Making Nothing At All?” — Christopher RÆBURN.

As part of our RÆSTART manifesto we stated we’d be taking bolder actions to disrupt an industry that needs to evolve or die.

Post COVID-19 we’ll be facing a bigger environmental and inventory crisis than ever before. The impact on our planet to continuously satisfy human consumption is devastating, with close to 100 billion pieces of clothing made each year worldwide*. We overproduce, we over consume and we waste too much. We need to stop making more stuff. *London Sustainability Exchange, February 2018

The Solution

Offering a systemic solution to the mounting environmental and inventory crisis, RÆFOUND is an evolving non-seasonal range of original, unworn military apparel and accessories in full size sets, personally sourced by Christopher Raeburn. Nothing new. Nothing wasted.

Once created for a climate of conflict, now redundant. Each item has been selected for its inherent functionality, wearability, durability and unique style. Each new piece is first wear tested and then quality-checked at the RÆBURN Lab.

Paying homage to the original form, the RÆFOUND project is driven by design purity and price point accessibility for the consumer. RÆ FOUND branding is added as a simple badge of authenticity; an acknowledgement for the piece as a valuable resource for the future.

Our first range begins with a focus on the European militaries of the UK, France, Austria and Holland. The provenance of each item will be discoverable via QR code.

Launching direct to consumer exclusively at raeburndesign.co.uk as part of London Fashion Week Digital Saturday 13th June 2020, and by appointment at the RÆBURN Lab from Friday 19th of June 2020.

Art Direction and Styling: David Hellqvist, Document Studios
Photography: Chris Tang
Model: Louie Akinwale, FIRST Model Management


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