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RÆBURN are delighted to confirm we have partnered with circular fashion marketplace, RESPONSIBLE, to offer our customers the opportunity to return used RÆBURN garments in exchange for RÆBURN store credit.

Customers can return selected garments and in turn receive RÆBURN store credit; credit value relative to the condition of the returned item(s).

This is currently available to UK customers only, however, we are in the process of developing a broader solution to serve our customers in the EU & beyond.

For more info, see HOW IT WORKS below or contact our Customer Service team here

How it works


Buy RÆBURN product(s) that feature the X RESPONSIBLE Generation mark at the point of purchase.


Enjoy your clothes and care for them the best you can.


When you're ready to return your RÆBURN garment(s), you can manage your Buy Back all from your RÆBURN account online.


Select the garment you'd wish to return from your order history.


Answer a series of simple questions regarding garment condition to help us determine its Buy Back value.


Get a FREE shipping label & post the item to RESPONSIBLE.

Receive RÆBURN store credit for use in-store & online.