Spring/Summer 2020 is inspired by the make- do-and-mend approach on Mars; doing more with less; adapting your wardrobe to a new environment and the challenges that come with it. With planned obsolescence on Earth, NEW HORIZONS is an opportunity to rethink our approach to making, living and consuming. A move to our neighbouring red planet will jumpstart huge developments in recycling, solar energy, food production and media technology. We need to evolve or die.

The RÆBURN Lab, our innovation hub in London, offers us an opportunity to design, make and test on-site. This season’s highlights begin with outerwear, legwear and accessories reworked from solar blankets; made of durable insulating material designed by NASA for space exploration. Engineered for temperature regulation on earth, in space and beyond, these striking pieces retain 90% of body heat and provide compact emergency protection in all weather conditions.

Spring/Summer 2020 sees the introduction of a new collaboration with leading international design practice HASSELL. With NASA’s coopera- tion, HASSELL has produced a film with Lightfield London on a Mars habitat concept. Image stills from the film have been used and printed onto organic cotton jersey pieces, inviting the wearer to think what life on Mars will look like and gives us a glimpse into unfamiliar yet beautiful new horizons that have been portrayed in men’s and women’s offerings made from sand-wash silk habotai.


Hassell Film



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