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COMMUNITY / June 08, 2021

We joined forces with our friends Boardies® for a team litter pick in Hackney, London.

Roughly 80% of marine pollution comes from land sources, accumulating in rivers and coastal areas before flowing into the ocean. We need this to stop. 

Doing our bit for World Oceans Day 2021, we joined forces with our friends Boardies® for a team litter pick in Hackney, London. The result — 17 bags of waste collected in less than 3 hours, saved from polluting our local Lea River and its marine life. A special thank you to Hackney Council for the support, lending tools and responsibly disposing of our findings. 

As expected, key culprits were plastic water bottles, food wrappers, plastic carrier bags and beer cups. It’s hard to avoid sometimes, but be sure to consider where your rubbish ends up when you throw it away — recycle all you can, avoid single-use plastics, and hold on to your rubbish if a bin is already overflowing (or be branded a ‘tidy litterer’). Some simple but effective ideas to adopt if you haven’t already:

  • Take a tote — Say no to plastic bags + pack a tote in your pocket for shopping trips.
  • BYOB — Bring your own bottle for water + coffee keep cup. No need for the plastic lids.
  • Cut the cutlery — Say no to plastic cutlery. Use your hands or get yourself a reusable set.
  • The last straw — Lips to glass will help our oceans last. No plastic straws please.
  • Get loose — Buy groceries loose from a green grocer; goodbye excess packaging.

You can even get on board with the movement in your local area; there are plenty of good eggs offering volunteering opportunities and team clean-ups. For example, fellow 1% For The Planet partners Hubbub recently launched their #TreasureYourRiver campaign uniting people and companies to clean up five major rivers across the UK. Do take a look and get involved whether as a business or as an individual.

Did you know?

According to the United Nations, at least 5 million metric tonnes of plastic enters the ocean every year, and 89% of plastic litter found on the ocean floor is single-use like plastic bags. More than a million seabirds and 100,000 mammals are killed by plastic debris annually (UNESCO). 

“At RÆBURN, we’re really proud of our amazing partnership with Boardies® — and we’re using the opportunity to celebrate our shared values by doing something a little different for World Oceans Day. Whilst we're so pleased with the difference we could make, it equally serves as a stark reminder of our daily impacts as individuals. We all need to be better stewards of our environment.” — Christopher Raeburn

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