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RÆSTART Report 5.0

COMMUNITY / July 30, 2021

Every three months we update our community with a RÆSTART progress report — our bold manifesto for change with a focus on DISRUPTION, INNOVATION and INSPIRATION. This July we’re reporting on a single project and significant milestone that we believe warrants its very own moment.
RÆSTART Report 5.0

The Lab E20. It’s with great pride that we are opening this brand new, 3000sq foot co-creative hub in Victory Plaza, Stratford — part retail, part workshop, part studio, installation space and film room. The space will form a creative call to arms for others;  a springboard for positive change. 

DISRUPTION — Action over words

Ideated at the onset of Covid-19, RÆSTART was our public acknowledgement of the environmental crisis we found ourselves in. Since then, we have been listening and learning, whilst being open about the challenges that consistent improvement entails. The Lab E20 is the result of this work, and certainly our biggest achievement to date — the manifestation of everything we’ve talked about at RÆBURN for the past twelve years, and what RÆSTART was truly about.

We know that we fundamentally need to change everything we are doing as people — and RÆSTART calls us to work collaboratively, with and for the planet. It’s imperative that we reach outside of our immediate fields, and share our collective learnings and capabilities beyond these silos. The Lab E20 is us working outside of our periphery, bridging fashion with development — we hope it acts as encouragement and as a blueprint for others to do so too.

INNOVATION — Make less, make better

Our Hackney-based flagship and studio, the RÆBURN Lab, has been our epitome of experiential retail, learning and transparency for the last six years. The Lab E20 is the RÆBURN Lab on scale; an amplification of all we have done so far and a true celebration of our 3R's ethos; RÆMADE, RÆDUCED, RÆCYCLED.

Indeed, we have utilised fully circular materials in the fit out; either upcycled or recycled, which can also be fully recycled at the end of their life. For example, we have turned decommission British military parachutes into curtains, alongside original Life Raft containers and military benches as mobile units. We hope it provokes the industry’s approach to material use and the merits of so-called ‘waste’.

INSPIRATION — Transparency and the next generation

Our ambition is to be a catalyst for positive change and we want to attract those looking for new systems, new ways of working  — we know that The Lab E20 will be their thinktank. Beyond this though, The Lab E20 will invite schools, residents, and locals alike; a space for everyone to flex their curiosity and be inspired. We will kick off with workshop events including our signature RÆMADE Parachute Bag for Life, for everyone for free. Alongside this we’ll be screening the most insightful documentaries on the subject of the climate crisis. All accessible and for anyone to join.

Importantly however, The Lab E20 is so much more than RÆBURN — it will host a rich list of like-minded partner brands and organisations over the next six months, each sharing their own schedule of exhibitions, events and experiences for the local community. It is bound to foster more conversations about circularity and spring new generations into action. For the British Fashion Council, Institute for Positive Fashion, D-Lab, FutureCity, Get Living, and East Village to entrust RÆBURN with the lead over this is a great honour that we have not taken lightly.

Kudos to the partners who believed in our vision and have helped push RÆBURN into this new dimension. Now we ask you, our friends and community, to join us in the next chapter — let's design new systems, new ways of working.

Thank you.
Christopher and all at RÆBURN.

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