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RÆSTART Report 4.0

COMMUNITY / April 22, 2021

Back on Earth Day 2020, we announced a RÆSTART. One year on, we're updating you with our latest progress.
RÆSTART Report 4.0

REPORT 4.0 — Earth Day 2021

It’s been twelve testing months since we announced a RÆSTART — a firm dismissal of “business as usual” and a bold new chapter for us at RÆBURN. Whilst the pandemic has starkly evidenced how our industry’s past has run morally vacant, it has also proved how working collectively can truly shift the dial for the better. When we respect dignity, opportunity and community, and restore the planet’s boundaries, we all begin to thrive. Our mission here continues...

On this anniversary update, we outline the progress that has been made since our last report and reflect on the areas that we still seek to address:

DISRUPTION — Actions over words

  • ‘Vote with your wallet’ is a mantra we do our best to practice. We’ve been looking across all of our business activities and working to align with B-corp certified institutions where applicable. With this in mind, we’ll be moving our finances to a best-in-class example of ethical banking. More updates to follow in the coming months.
  • As of this RÆSTART anniversary, we will be resetting our entire business calendar around Earth Day. Aligning our operations including financial year end and holiday calendar around this landmark date, cements the RÆSTART manifesto at the forefront of what we do at RÆBURN.
  • We are honoured to have been named Brand of the Year in the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2021 for a second year running. It’s a proud recognition of our efforts to RÆSTART and continually push ourselves forward in an industry that knows it needs to change.

INNOVATION — Make less, make better

  • The 3R’s Ethos has long been our guiding path, but fully circular demands further action. We’re working to ensure: RÆMADE can always be restored through our lifetime free repairs guarantee, RÆDUCED will biodegrade as natural fibres, and RÆCYCLED can return to continue the loop.
  • With the popular opening of our Fabric Shop at the RÆBURN Lab last Summer, we are finally able to launch an edit of surplus materials on our online store. We hereby hope to provide all creative abilities the access to responsible craft, globally and affordably.
  • In light of our decision to RÆJUVENATE our excess stock for the Spring/Summer 2021 collection, inventory levels are stabilising. We stand by our promise to optimise inventory management and leverage made to order more than ever before.

INSPIRATION — Transparency and the next generation

  • We’ve relished being a part of the global open source movement this past year, notably through our #RaeburnAtHome projects, and our collaborative Aēsop and Depop tutorials. We thank every participant for your positive feedback and involvement — more good things are to come.
  • RÆBURN celebrates craft, creativity and community. We relish co-creation and shared learning, and that’s why we want to hear from you. All our email subscribers will soon find a survey in their inbox, which serves as a chance to make your feedback count in the business’ future.
  • Our B-Corp application is still underway, with the formalisation of official internal policies still outstanding before accreditation can be reviewed. We are working hard to complete this one final step in the coming months - and the good news is, we are already complying.

Now, there are many more challenges for us to address; from finding less impactful dying methods to reducing water usage in our supply chains. But we’re as committed as ever to make the necessary strides to push ourselves and the industry forward as a whole. If you are an innovator, disruptor or good troublemaker, we want to connect and we welcome your feedback.

Until next time. Stay safe and stay creative.

Christopher and all at RÆBURN.

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