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COMMUNITY / April 27, 2020

What we do as an industry doesn't make sense, so we're putting in writing a manifesto for change.


Let’s talk about reality for a minute. What we do as an industry doesn’t make sense – we deliver Winter collections in July and discount before the weather gets cold, we deliver Spring collections before the worst of the cold weather has hit. It just doesn’t stack up.

We’ve built our own prison; a race to the bottom where overproduction and consumption are symbiotic – the repercussions for people and planet are devastating.

RÆBURN has always sought the path less travelled - since 2009 we’ve always done things differently. It’s been a challenging journey but one that has allowed us to build a constantly evolving brief to push ourselves forward.

We’re now calling for bold, positive and progressive change. Our industry needs to EVOLVE or DIE.

Our obligation is simple. We’re using this moment to RÆSTART in a better way by putting in writing a manifesto for change: tangible actions towards a better future.

DISRUPTION – Actions over words

We will not be apologising for acting more boldly. From now on we will be provoking and questioning the situation we find ourselves in more than ever before. Previous normality cannot be a continued future reality. We have an obligation to look for a better future.

INNOVATION – Make less, make better

We’re evolving our business model towards a more agile, transeasonal method of manufacturing. We’ll be working towards complete circularity as a business. We’ll be holding less stock, and we’ll be making less stuff. The RÆBURN Lab will be taking more radical steps to use the materials the past has gifted to craft the future. We’ll be listening, learning and producing in the most responsible way we can using increased digital tools – in tune with you, our community.

INSPIRATION – Transparency and the next generation

We’ve always been a lightning rod for troublemakers, radical thinkers and innovators. We’ll be focusing our attention on this next wave of game changers with increased energy; we’ll be giving them the platform they need to showcase their talents. We also open our doors to individuals, businesses and brands who are looking to make positive changes – we want to work together.

We want to use our business as a force for good. We’re working on verified accreditation for our actions; we’ll be working with organisations who are committed to prioritising the environment and society in the way they do business. We are working towards this goal for 2020 and hope to share more news in due course.

RÆSTART is not a short-term marketing stunt. It’s a long-term manifesto for change. It is about being open, honest and inspiring the wider industry and our community.  We want to be transparent, and more importantly we want to be accountable for our decisions. We know change will not be instant and we still have many ways to improve ourselves.

We want you to be part of the mission. We're open to your feedback and we will update you with tangible progress every three months from now on.

For now, stay safe, and stay creative.

Christopher and all at RÆBURN.

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