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RÆMADE Workshop for #BenzKnowsHow

projects / June 08, 2019

We welcomed Mercedes-Benz Fashion and the talented Lena Waithe for a very special RÆMADE workshop.
RÆMADE Workshop for #BenzKnowsHow

In line with our community initiatives and mission to educate and inspire, across a growing number of industries, we welcomed Mercedes-Benz Fashion and the talented actress and producer, Lena Waithe, to the RÆBURN Lab for a very special RÆMADE workshop as part of the #BenzKnowsHow campaign.

We provided an insight into the creative world of RÆBURN by teaching the skill of upcycling to Lena, deconstructing old racing team suits and Mercedes-Benz advertising material to create an extraordinary RÆMADE bomber jacket. Lena was able to get creative and choose which parts of the material to place on the jacket and, with the help of Chris and the skilled RÆBURN team, the garment was put together within the day!

A panel of special guests were hosted at the RÆBURN Lab the following day; moderated by Rishi Ranjani and joining Chris on the discussion was accomplished designer, Duran Lantink, along with Lena Waithe and Aleali May who described their up cycling experiences.

Performance director, Graeme, spread the knowledge with key press who attended the panel by later hosting an upcycling workshop; transforming the old Mercedes-Benz advertising material, that was used in Lena’s RÆMADE bomber jacket, to create a unique shoulder bag. Top marks for creativity to all the attendees!

It was an honour to be a part of the #BenzKnowsHow campaign and to share with others the innovative work that goes on at the RÆBURN Lab everyday.

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