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ARTEFACT / August 05, 2020

It all started with one American Fire Proximity Suit sourced by Christopher.

We are living in a time of record global temperatures and catastrophic natural disasters. We have to question our impacts as people more than ever. We have to look for better ways. We need to do things differently to survive.

Made from 100% aluminised Nomex and a combination of 100% cotton lining, quilt and membrane materials, an American Fire Proximity Suit withstands high radiant loads up to 1,093 degrees celsius. Selected as a historical symbol for protection, we’ve intelligently RÆMADE it into new limited edition items at the RÆBURN Lab.⁠ Developed exclusively by Christopher and Head Seamstress Zory.

As with all ARTEFACT projects our intention is simple; we're only going to make the items that our community need. We have one full suit, so we’ll be making in highly limited numbers; once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Available for pre-order, we'll make-to-order in the next 2 weeks to 4 weeks.⁠

Please note that this project is now sold out.

1 Fire Suit trouser = 24 Bi-Fold Card Holders and 6 Bi-Fold Wallets

1 Fire Suit jacket = 1 Giant Orangutan Bean Bag

One suit is all we have.

Nothing new, nothing wasted.

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