"State of the art" security

During the checkout phase we establish a secure link between your PC and the website.

This link is encrypted and all of the information you send and receive is scrambled and can only be deciphered by Christopher Raeburn and by your PC. The scrambling or encryption process involves changing a string of letters and numbers into a code that is unrecognisable to anybody else.

By scrambling / encrypting the information we ensure that personal information such as your delivery details are kept safe and secure when passed between  Christopher Raeburn and your PC.

Payments secured by SagePay

Our online payment processing service is provided by SagePay, one of the internet's largest and most established handlers of secure online transactions. For more information about SagePay please visit their website

SagePay handles all aspects of security and your credit card details are not supplied to us (or anyone else outside SagePay's secure system) at any time.

Once you have completed your payment, you will be directed back to our site for your receipt and order confirmation.

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