V&A × CR Staff Uniform Unveiled


Document Studios 'Object' Exhibition

Today marks the launch of the new Victoria and Albert staff uniforms, designed by Christopher RÆBURN.

Inspired by the V&A's vast collections and iconic objects, the uniforms consist of a layering system of jersey and outerwear reflecting the needs of different staff throughout the V&A.

Connecting directly to the V&A’s collection, the new print featured on many of the uniform pieces is formed from the silhouettes of 20 iconic objects. They include a 19th Japanese netsuke in the shape of a rabbit; a Spacehopper from 1970s Britain, Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s sculpture Neptune and Triton (1622-3), and an 1870s rocking horse from France currently displayed in the V&A Museum of Childhood.

The carefully considered layering system of t-shirts, polos, crews, bomber jackets, packaway lightweight jackets and rainproof parkas provides an all year-round unique uniform solution. The brand ethos is further emphasised through the use of certified recycled and organic materials throughout.

The new uniforms will be introduced at the V&A in South Kensington and Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green this week.

Photography credit: Shaun James Cox

“Exploring the V&A was one of my earliest childhood memories, I would spend hours delving into the archive at the V&A so having this opportunity to develop responsibly designed uniforms for an institution so close to my heart has been an incredible honour” Christopher Raeburn

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