RÆBURN Dog Leads


Timberland Construct 10061

We're proud to launch our first ever collection of RÆBURN dog leads, all made in the atelier in the heart of East London. Available in a total of four styles, all of them come in our iconic 4R's branded tape, with two of them featuring an additional detachable pouch for storing dog waste bags.

For the campaign we worked with local London-based dogs who are close friends of the brand, sharing their stories via our posts on social. There you can find out more about Sonny, a 13 year old Pomeranian and Papillon cross breed, Tic, a 3 year old rescue street dog from Morocco, Lloyd, a 2 year old Italian Greyhound and experienced dog model, and finally Spider, a one year old long-haired German Shepherd. Thank you to all those involved.

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