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Introducing the Hackney Low Impact Fashion Trail, also known as the Hackney LIFT - a neighbourhood trail that takes in the world's most responsible fashion, textiles and accessories, as well as events and workshops. Hackney as a destination offers a vibrant choice in small fashion boutiques, artisanal craft and produce. With all this on the RÆBURN Lab's doorstep, we've mapped out some brilliant businesses that are worth a visit on an interactive walking trail.

The simple, low-impact route takes 10 minutes to walk end-to-end without stopping, although this can easily stretch to a full afternoon's jolly should you take in all the sights and stop for local drink. Our map also highlights nearby public transport stations for any travellers, dog friendly green spaces, and our favourite neighbourhood bars and eateries. What's more, in partnership with these brilliant neighbour businesses, we'll be offering regular, seasonal events and workshops to make your trip a creative and immersive experience for all ages.


Discover the map here, or ask for it at the RÆBURN Lab.

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Is your local favourite missing on the map? Send us your tips and recommendations, and we'll be sure to check them out.

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