EAC's hearing on Sustainability in the Fashion Industry


Graeme Raeburn Appointed as Performance Director

We were invited to give evidence at the UK Environmental Audit Committee's hearing on Sustainability in the Fashion Industry at the V&A Museum; the largest ever public select committee hearing in UK Parliament history. We participated alongside representatives across the industry, from the London College of Fashion, Stella McCartney and Huit Denim, in an effort to drive change in government legislation to minimise the fashion industry's impact on our environment.

The EAC is a cross party committee which has been responsible for the ban of plastic straws, micro beads, single use plastic bottles and the ban on coffee cups which will be in process over the next 3 years.  This particular inquiry examines the carbon, resource use and water footprint of clothing throughout its life cycle and how clothes can be recycled, along with a reduction in their associated waste and pollution. The evidence they collect from these hearings will be submitted to the Government in a report which they will be obliged to respond to and may act upon. More information on the inquiry can be found here.

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