The Canopy Collection is the result of an extended collaboration between experience design agency LAYER and RÆBURN. The two teams worked closely together to develop a furniture collection that celebrates innovative thinking from both the industrial design and fashion worlds. Both studios share a passion for responsible sustainable design and have an interest in recontextualising undervalued materials.

The limited edition Canopy Collection comprises four rocking chairs and two screens made from welded steel frames with recycled parachute upholstery. The simple, modernist steel structures provide a “blank canvas” for the parachute material, allowing the textile to be the most expressive element of each piece. The fabric has been wrapped, slung and hung within and around the framework to create padding, webbing and cover solutions with simple fixation points. Throughout the design process, LAYER and RÆBURN explored the RÆBURN archives and the way the studio recontextualises surplus parachutes to create iconic fashion. These ideas were then developed to explore how the material could be utilised for furniture design. The teams focused their research on surplus ex-military parachutes and aircraft brake parachutes, looking at their unique structure, translucency, and tactility. The ability to layer the ultra-thin ripstop nylon to create durable furniture pieces with innovative forms was a particular area of interest.

Experimental Forms

The Canopy Collection uses the strict geometry of the steel frames as a base on which to experiment with innovative and forward-thinking recycled parachute
upholstery. Each of the four rocking chairs – which all have the same framework – showcases a different quality of the parachute material, from a highly-
controlled and simple expression to a raw, sculptural form. The construction of the steel frame reflects the expression of the parachute material: in the more minimal format, the frame is polished and finely finished, whilst in the most expressive format, the welded joins are left unfinished and the steel remains in a raw state that showcases the production process.

“At the core of the RÆBURN brand is our Remade in England approach; in our tenth year it’s been an honour to partner with LAYER on the Canopy Collection which has resulted in a truly unique opportunity for both brands to test, learn and ultimately achieve a project that’s as unexpected as it is experimental. With craft, creativity and quality at the heart of the partnership it’s been fantastic to work directly alongside Benjamin Hubert and his talented team to bring new materials and methods of make to the collaborative collection” — Christopher Raeburn





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