The North Face

The North Face

We're proud to announce a new collaboration with The North Face of bags RÆMADE from The North Face® tents. Tents that can no longer be repaired have been carefully deconstructed and then intelligently RÆMADE to make a new item. Each individual bag is entirely unique depending on which part of the tent has been used, and labelled as 1 of 1. As a result, each item varies in colour and retains original details and features from the original tent.

To mark the launch, we hosted a 'tent to tote' workshop at the RÆBURN Lab. Guests got to make their very own totes by choosing their own tent parts, cutting them and then sewing them with the help of our seamstresses.

The special collaboration launched in March 2019 and is available exclusively from RÆBURN and The North Face while stocks last. *Collection now sold out*.





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